About Us


Who Is Club Web Source?
Club Web Source was created by a web development company called RUSHweb Solutions. The President of RUSHweb, Travis Rush, originally a member of the East Portland Rotary Club, in Portland, Oregon, decided to donate his and his companies time and resources to develop an online club management system that would include an easy-to-use, template driven web site system.  Since his father has been a Rotarian for 30+ years and his sister is also a Rotarian in Bandon, Oregon, he finds himself surrounded by the efforts of Rotary and other non-profits on a daily basis and is very motivated to help improve the communication efforts of these and other organizations throughout the world.


What prompted the development of the web template system?
These days everything is moving at such a rapid pace that members tend to forget about what's going on in their organization, not because they don't care, but because it tends to be a very time consuming process to communicate issues, plan events and exchange information. East Portland Rotary, had been constantly refining the administrative portion of it's club web site, initially developed by Rush's company in 1999, to create an easy way for Rotary Club members to review and disseminate information more rapidly and efficiently.  As time passed and other rotary clubs in the Portland area saw the system, East Portland Rotary began receiving requests for a copy of their web template system. In talking with these clubs it became apparent that there was a desperate need for the development of a communication medium that was easy to use and affordable.


What was the solution?
Given Rush's 10 years of experience owning a web development company,  it seemed a natural fit to utilize the internet as a solution for this communication gap. As a member of non-profit groups himself, he is very aware of the budget constraints that clubs and other non profit organizations face and the fact that developing a solution like this, estimated to cost a club around $50,000 (US) to build, would be completely cost prohibitive. In working closely with 2 local clubs, in the Portland area, he developed and refined this affordable web template and content management system, called "Club Web Source".


For more information regarding RUSHweb Solutions and other systems they've developed for Businesses, Churches and the Optometric profession, please visit www.rushwebsolutions.com.