Below is just a handfull of comments from some of the clubs using our website content management system (cms).   Currently over 45,000 members are using our system to communicate within their organizations.



"I just wanted to send you a short note and tell you (and any organization thinking about using Club Web Source) about my experience.  First, I found the tutorials very informative and useful.  The templates are user friendly and have a very professional appearance.  As a novice, I appreciated all the options for customizing our site.  And, when I needed assistance, it came from non-other than the President of the Company.  Very impressive!
Thanks for your help and for making my job easy."

- Teresa Harris

Rotary Club of Pell City, Alabama




"At last! With ClubWebSource Internet technology, our Club is able to have an informative public web site, easily managed by members, to create public awareness of our Club's contributions to Rotary Avenues of Service. Visitors can actually interact with our Club! Also, the web site serves as a secure on-line management tool for Club members to communicate, maintain the Club roster, member information, service committees, documentation and on-line calendars for public and Club activities. ...Check this out."


- Jay Kuhlman, Charter Member
Rotary Club of Novato Sunrise



"I'm learning more each time I add information or edit a page, and you guys are a big help!  I am so impressed that I sing the praises of Club Web Source to other nonprofit groups because it is clear that any nonprofit group, not just Rotary, can benefit from your services."


- Sue Fisher Jones, President
Rotary Club of Benicia




"The Rotary Club is tickled pink with our new website that's using Club Web Source Rotary Club software. Besides being a good-looking site, it is easy to use, it is inexpensive, and it has everything a Rotary Club needs and more. We figured that if our club had created a site like this on our own, it would have cost us over $50,000...I rarely used computers before maintaining our website, thanks again for your thoughtful work."



- Jack Bogle, Webmaster
Rotary Club of Alexandria



"It is great to work with your system... I can't believe it!  It is really easy and grandma proof!"


- Romy Marx, Webmaster
Northlake Rotary Club




"I Continue to be impressed with this product and the members of your staff. I have recommended Club Web Source to other clubs in our industry."

- Jenny Evers, President
Women's Shipping Club of Portland



"Our Club was only able to change roster information once a year, at a considerable expense. Now members can keep their contact information up to date with the click of a mouse!"


- Richard Lazere, Past President
East Portland Rotary Club



"I consider East Salem Rotary's Web Page to be a well constructed, attractive, professional product that represents us well. While of course it is our responsibility to keep ourselves up to date, the ability to display upcoming programs, to email all or individual club members, and to link ourselves with local, regional and international Rotary sites, makes this just the right Web Site for us."

- Paul J. Olsen, President
East Salem Rotary



"The roster portion of the site has been very beneficial and your support has always been timely and helpful."


- Marilyn Morrissey
Oregon City/West Linn Rotary



"You guys have done a great job. We've enjoyed using the site. You guys keep making improvements and it keeps getting better. It is easy to use. There are 61 clubs in the district and many of them would benefit from using the template because it is so easy to use and update."


- Bruce Hahn, WebMaster
Walnut Creek Sunrise Rotary



"Club Web Source is so simple to use. I started very simple and gradually added to it. Clubs that pay to publish a Club Directory each year should look into this. The Roster prints in booklet format with photos AND it can be reprinted whenever Member info changes. Sending e-mails to one member or all members is a snap. You can store your club photos and club documents on it to."


- Laura Day, Club Secretary
San Ramon Valley Rotary



"We have used the Club Web Source technology for more than two years now and have been very happy with the results. I am not a professional web designer, but the system is so easy to use, that our site looks like it was done by a pro. I'd certainly recommend this system to any small club that is looking for a web presence at minimal expense and effort."


- Steve Gordenier, WebMaster
Beaverton Sunrise Rotary Club



"I really enjoy using your service in putting together our Rotary website. It's working very well for us. Use my name as a reference to any Rotarian prospect you have."


- Bob Davis
Brandon '86 Rotary Club



If you would like to share your experience to help promote this system to other organizations, we would love to hear from you, so please click here and send us your quote or feedback, as well as your name, organization and web address. 


Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to contribute your input, as well as simple supportive email comments as we continue to grow and expand the functionality of Club Web Source.  


We're always listening, so please don't hesitate to make suggestions, ALL ideas are possible, the question is whether they are beneficially useful to all, that is our decision making policy on new features.